Sound Bath

“Sound Bath” by Intuitive Artist Robin Nicole

This tile came to me when I was at a sound bath during a meditation. Since then I have learned that the New Earth Frequency is changing as we evolve and we now are holding a three-toned chord(F/F#/G). The tone our heart chakra resonates more strongly is determined by the way we run our consciousness through the heart. As humanity awakens, we will integrate with the deeper chambers of the heart chakra in support of our enlightenment. This information was revealed to me in a book I read called Beyond Doorways. I believe this tile holds the codes to help us hold the tone each of us needs to evolve to the next level.

Unframed 9inx9in €200 + shipping

Framed €250 + shipping

Mini – pocket size €25 + shipping

I sell them through PayPal. If you’re in another country outside Ireland your local currency exchange rate applies.