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My name is Robin Nicole and I came here to this earth on May 8th 1972. To free as many souls as possible, from the chains that bind their hearts. To inspire them  to move thru adversity, pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and shine their light as bright as they possibly can. For when we become free inside our heart and soul, we are free to move mountains. To take the little sparks of joy, passion, and zest for life and bring it together, to create our highest best destiny. To wake up in the morning and truly feel like living.

One of the ways Robin accomplishes this goal is to offer private one-to-one sessions. She believe that if you can look at the past and pin point the root or seed of whatever is blocking you from moving forward, it is much easier to release and let go. To move forward and find the point of passion and the keys to open our wings and truly fly.

In a private 3-hour session with Robin, you will get a chance to go back in time, to the root cause, to ask questions to your Higher Self and to fully move forward to be the best version of yourself. As soon as you book a session with Robin, she will open your Akashic Records by crystal gazing. This will help her figure out the best way to work with you. She will then use the information collected in the crystals to take you back in time and to channel a special message for you. Each private session ends with running 7th dimensional light infusion. During this time your Higher Self will scan your Body and Auric field, make adjustments and bring through keys and codes to activate and inspire you to shine your light out to the world as bright as you possibly can. If you are feeling blocked and would like to feel free to finally truly fly, to move forward into your life and be the best version of yourself. Why not book a session with Robin Nicole today. Click on the link below to book and get onto the schedule. Robin looks forward to seeing you soon.

Robin Nicole is a certified hypnotist and specializes in past life and inner child regression. She now offers private 3-hour sessions, online in a zoom room. Or in person in Tiernaboul Killarney or at your home in Co. Kerry. She also specializes in Crystal Gazing and 7th Dimensional Light Infusion.

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can help in in so many ways, other than to just learn what star system or planets you lived on in the past. Yes, it is fun to learn where you came from, but it is also helpful to learn about a past life, in order to help you come to terms with feelings around the death and dying process. For Robin, regression helped her to be okay with this process, as it showed her that she has done this before and was alright, it somehow helped Robin to see that we do go somewhere when we transition, and that life is infinite, we always have a chance to come back and do it all over again and that we truly never die. Delving into the past through hypnotherapy can help one move past their conscious rational mind and into their subconscious mind, where the answers to everything lye’s. When one is in a deep state of trance, they can uncover the root cause of their suffering and deal with it head on. Have you ever wondered for instance, why you always gravitate to the same dysfunctional relationships or why you can never get ahead and live a life full of true abundance? During regression one can discover if they took an oath or a vow in a past life that is stopping them from manifesting all sorts of things. We go back to find the root cause and to re-write the script or to renounce contracts and vows. This changes your life in every direction in time and helps you to move forward in the life you are living now.


In a private session with Robin Nicole, you get more than just past life or inner child regression. She focuses on how to help you uncover blocks in your past that are stopping you from finding your passion and fully shining your light. So you can let it all go and move on. She starts out your session by going down to the river and crystal gazing to open your Akashic Records and to help uncover anything that is topping your growth. She then will take you into regression by using Hypnotherapy techniques, to allow you to go to another time, another place, or a younger you. To help you get to the root cause of whatever it is that is stopping you from fully living from the heart-space. She then will speak to your Higher Self and give you a chance to answer any questions you may have (please note it is important to ask questions to stretch or mind and those things that are most important to you at this time). She will ask your Higher Self to scan your body as she guides you into your Etheric Healing Chamber to undergo 7th Dimensional Light Infusion. She ends your session by channeling a special message from your Higher Self from the information she gathers through the crystals.

To book a Private Session with Robin today, click on the PayPal link below to purchase a Private Session and Robin will contact you by email to schedule you into her schedule and find a time and date that suits you.

Please note Robin can only do one or two sessions per week and she may be booked about 3 months in advance. When you purchase your session, she will notify you as to when your session will be. It is strictly first come, first serve. She will do her best to get to you as fast as possible.

There are two options for Specialized Private Sessions

Option 1 – One off session – €325

Option 2 – Buy 2 sessions get one free (If you know you will want to do more than one session you can avail of this option giving you one free session if you buy 2) – €650

Robin Nicole also offers a different option for people who are not looking for a full blown session and simply are looking to only do regression sessions without the crystal gazing and healing chamber experience. These sessions can be done in-person or online and are around 1 hour long. You can come one time or spread regression sessions out by using the 6 session deal if you know you want to keep uncovering past life trauma in order to heal and re-write your script.

Option 3 – One off single regression session- €132.50

Option 4 – 6 Regression Sessions over a period of time with a savings of €57.50 per session – €450

Past Life Regression Session with Robin Nicole
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*****The Ei- Kie-Honia Collective is the Inner Child Essence of the Ascended Master’s and comes from the 17th Dimensional Frequency, Their purpose is to deliver messages from the perspective of the child, because the child is uninhibited by Adult pressures and responsibilities. Robin Nicole has been working with this Collective since May 8th 2022, when she expierienced this vibrational frequency walk-in. They came to help her with her mission to help inspire and free humanity from the chains that bind them. *****

Here is a video explaining this collective and how Robin Nicole is meant to bring them through. The video came during a regresssion session on Dec.26th 2022.