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My name is Robin Nicole and I was born on May 8th, 1972. I came in on the Herold’s of light frequency, as a Way-Shower of Freedom along with the energy of independence for ALL. I came to Hold the Light. I came to help make the World a better place to live in. I also came in with a Chiron Wounding in Aries, which means I have a deep core wound around Empowerment, self-worth and rejection. My parents named me Robin, not just because the robin bird is the first sign of spring, but to remind me that I was born to fly…to spread my wings and soar through life and that I am allowed to take up space in this World… I matter and I can make a difference to myself and others.

I come to finally remember…to finally break the chains that bind…to finally turn the key and open my heart to joy, peace and happiness. I do this in so many ways that it is way too much to explain in a short bio…I am not just one thing…and I never feel as though I have arrived…As every moment new beliefs arise and new mysteries unfold…I change and evolve…

I am Light, I am and always will strive to make a difference. To help my fellow man grow and evolve around me. To teach by example and to always speak my truth. I invite you to get to know me. Explore through the eyes of Robin’s World. My World revolves around colour, around sound, around always seeking to connect fully with my Higher Self. When I am fully in balance, I create so many things. I am a Way-Shower, I am an Artist, I am a Channeler of ALL that is, I am a Star-Light Master who puts one foot in front of the other, even though the toughest of times and push through adversity, to Shine my Light out into the world as bright as I possibly can.


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Robin Nicole (Daughter of Light) is a Multidimensional Intuitive Artist, a certified Hypnotist specializing in Past-Life and Inner Child Trauma and Wounding Repair, aTrance Channeller, a Way-shower of Freedom, and the host of the Shine Your Light Network where she hosts inspiring conversations and she teaches by example in her personal video blogs.

Robin incarnated onto Earth this lifetime as an Activator to help raise the vibration of humanity, and to assist in bringing in the New Golden Age in a much more Balanced way. She came in on the “Herold’s of Light Frequency” and the “Energy of Independence for All”. She is here as a Way-shower of Freedom, to help break people from the chains that bind. She accomplishes this task by activating them through her Light-Coded Artwork and Energy Crystal Grid Devices, Light-Language, Channelling the Childhood Essence of the Ascended Masters Collective from the 17th Dimension called Ei-Kie-Honia, Private Hypnotherapy Regression Sessions, Hosting the I AM Light Retreats, Speaking at on-line/in-person Spiritual Conferences and her Master Class Teachings.

She teaches by example through her regular video blogs, where she openly discusses issues and problems she has had or is working through, and gives away her spiritual knowledge as to how to overcome adversity in life. She does this to give back to the World in hopes that what she has to teach resonates and helps people through the Ascension process. Robin is also highly active in inspiring others to find out what makes their heart sing and to actively Shine their light out to the World. She believes when you do this, the Whole World Shines along with you and it is then that we can ALL, begin to make a difference and create change. She does this by hosting regular YouTube conversation’s on the “Shine Your Light Network”, where she brings on the people out there who are doing it. Who, even though they may come across adversity, they somehow pick themselves back up, dust themselves off and shine as bright as they possibly can. She calls these people Star-Light Masters and has created a website Directory, to help hold their contact details for others to be able to connect with them after the conversation ends.

Robin incorporates Meditation, Transference Healing procedures, 7th Dimensional Light Infusion, Exercise, Crystal Healing Techniques, Visualization, Gratitude and Mind-Alchemy every day to keep her vessel and auric field clean, clear and balanced in order to raise and hold her vibration. By doing this she is able to hold the light for herself and others.

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