Welcome to Robin Nicole’s World


Robin Nicole’s Bio:

Robin Nicole (Daughter of Light) is a Way-shower of Freedom,  a Multidimensional Intuitive Artist, a certified Hypnotist specializing in Past Life and Inner Child Trauma to ultimately help unblock people from living their life’s true soul purpose , a Trance Channeller , and a Heart-Based Living Coach.

Robin incarnated onto Earth this lifetime as an Activator to help raise the vibration of humanity, and to assist in bringing in the New Golden Age in a much more Balanced way. She came in on the “Herold’s of Light Frequency” and the “Energy of Independence for All”. She is here as a Way-shower of Freedom, to help break people from the chains that bind.

She accomplishes this task by activating them through her Light-Coded Artwork and Energy Crystal Grid Devices, Light-Language, Trance Channelling the “Ei-Kie-Honia Collective” (Which is the Inner Child Essence of the Ascended Masters Collective from the 17th Dimensional Frequency), Private Hypnotherapy Regression Sessions, Hosting the I AM Light Retreats, She is a Guest Speaker at many online Spiritual Conferences and events throughout the year. On top of all of her offerings she gives back to the community by offering free events throughout the year. Once a month she hosts Conscious Creativity & Inspiration Monthly Circles.  and  special 7th Dimensional Light Infusion Circles during the Equinoxes and Solstices that occur 4 times a year.