Bringing Forward the New Golden Age of Miracles 50% Special Offer Bundle

Master Class Series Bundle

My name is Robin Nicole otherwise known as the shine your light lady. I have been guided to create a series of Masterclass’s called “Bringing Forward the New Golden Age of Miracles”. All LIVE and in person classes have commenced and are available in a pre-recorded version only. Each class builds on each other with the goal to bring forward a more balanced Divine Feminine and Masculine into the New Golden Age of time. Each class comes with a special energetic procedure to go along with the class topic, along with a channelled message from an Ascended Master or Being from a higher plain of existence. I have been guided to place ALL of the pre-recorded classes into a bundle, so anyone who missed them can view at their leisure.  For more detailed information and to purchase the series class bundle. Click on the link below. You also have the option of purchasing only the classes that you want separately at full price.

*****Please note that it may take up to 24hours from purchase to receive an email with the recorded links. If you do not get them within 24hour please email Robin @ me@robinnicole.eu*****


Master Class Series Bundle Offer
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