Moon Maiden

“Moon Maiden” by Intuitive Artist Robin Nicole

The Moon Maiden is a strong and powerful woman who knows how to harness her Divine Feminine power that comes up from deep inside her core. She is not afraid of new beginning’s and knows she is worthy without allowing other dogmatic beliefs stopping her from being in the flow of creativity. She allows herself to take up space in this world and can use alchemy to be the calm in the middle of any storm that shows up around her. She quietly holds her LIGHT and reveals herself slowly under the waxing of the moon.

Unframed 10 1/2in x9 1/2in €200 + shipping

Framed 18in x 16in €250 + shipping

Mini-pocket size €25 + shipping

I sell them through PayPal. If you’re in another country outside Ireland your local currency exchange rate applies.


Moon Beams (Framed)
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Moon Beams (Mini-Pocket Size)
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