Master Class #6 Understanding Merkaba Technology, Platonic Solids and the Difference Between Astral Travel, Bi-location and Teleportation

In Master Class #6 of Bringing Forward the New Golden Age of Miracles. Robin Nicole will be helping you to understand Merkaba Technology and the role Platonic solids play in Activating your Merkaba. She will also help you understand the differences between Astral Travel, Bi-location and Teleportation. Followed by a special Channelling from Metatron along with a guided procedure to help you consciously activate your Merkaba, to begin to travel to other realms of existence while fully awake and conscious. If you would like to learn more about how the Merkaba can facilitate conscious Astral Travel and be more aware of what is happening in dreamtime. This is a class you will not want to miss. This class has been recorded for you to view at your leisure,please click on the link below to purchase this recorded class.

Master Class #6
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