Master Class #4 All About Lemuria/Inner Earth with a Light Infusion Procedure

Robin Nicole is excited to bring this recorded Master Class #4 to you, which is a topic near and dear to her heart. This class goes deep into the origins of Lemuria and is taught through the eyes of her Lemurian High Priestess Aspect named Alana. She cover’s how they lived and where they went after their time on the Earth ended. She then tells all about the Inner Earth Beings who live in the Crystal Cities of Light. Along with a special procedure on how to connect, run energy and heal yourself with the help of the Lemurian Crystals, Inner Earth Healing Chambers and the Lemurian Star Mothers. The Class ends with a special Channelling from the Lemurian Star Mother’s and an invitation to join a Lemurian/Pleiadian Starseed monthly Circle, where you will be joined by others to begin working with the energies and spiritual tools as they did back in the times of Lemuria. If you are interested in all things Lemuria, then this is a class you do not want to miss. This class also comes with a complimentary ticket to attend your first Lemurian/Pleiadian Starseed Circle.

The cost of this class is €20 and you can purchase this class in the PayPal link below. Please leave your email address for me to send you the link with the recording afterwards. (please note if you are paying in another currency other that in Euro it will convert to your currency after payment.)

You will be sent a recorded link to this class as soon as your payment goes through. *****Please Note that there may possibly be a delay as Robin sends the link personally and you may purchase at a time when she is in bed. If you do not get your class within 24hours please let her know by email *****

Master Class #4
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