Lemurian/Pleiadian Starseed Circle

If you feel led to work with the Lemurian/Pleiadian Energies and would like to join along with others to begin running energy and unfolding your DNA Blueprint along with delving into the Mysteries and knowledge located inside of the Crystal Skulls? You are invited to join Robin Nicole on a new adventure. Once a month around the Full Moon, Robin Nicole will be hosting a Lemurian/Pleiadian Starseed Circle. It will be held in a private online zoom room. Each month Robin will guide you into the Inner Earth Cities of Light, Where you will undergo initiation and cleansing, by the Lemurian Star Mothers, before entering the healing chambers as a group. Each member will break out into groups of two or three, where each person will begin running light infusion together, just as they did back in the times of Lemuria. There is no certification needed to be a member in this circle other than to come with an open mind and integrity. So, bring your favourite Lemurian seed Crystal or regular quartz’s crystal along with you each month as we delve into raising our vibration and frequency together.

There is a yearly membership fee to help cover the basic costs of hosting this circle of €33.30. You can join anytime throughout the year and your membership will run for 12 months from the date of purchase. You can join this circle anytime you wish and the dates and times are located below. You will not get a reminder as to the dates and times, it is up to you to remember as Robin has a large amount of people attending. The circles will start promptly at 15min after the time it starts. Once the circle is open it is considered sacred space and you are asked to stay throughout the duration.

We want to make sure the energy field keeps building and gets stronger as the group dynamic builds over time.

This Sacred Circle is not a place where the facilitator randomly comes to connect and channel messages.

This sacred space requires reverence and an active participation where we all bring our gifts and hold space for healing of one another.

I ask that if you plan to attend, please commit to the entire 2.5 hours and stay until the circle is officially closed. I will do my best to stay on time. Please know that if you can not attend the full 2.5 hours, please feel free to utilize the link below to receive personal healing, and know that we are holding space for you in the group to receive healing.

Light Infusion Procedure https://robinnicole.eu/robin-nicoles-library-of-spiritual-tools/

*****Please note a pre-requisite before purchasing a membership, it is recommended you attend a complimentary Lemurian/Pleiadean Starseed Circle Class. They are held once a month in a private online zoom room, where Robin Nicole will explain all about what this circle is and its benefits. This will give you a chance to experience 7th Dimensional Light infusion in order for you to determine if this modality resonates with you. The dates and times to these classes are as follows. You must send Robin an email to me@robinnicole.eu if you wish to attend, in order to get your zoom link. *****

Click on the scheduled dates below to purchase your 12 month Membership.

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