Lemurian/Pleiadian Starseed Circle

If you feel led to work with the Lemurian/Pleiadian Energies and would like to join along with others to begin running energy and unfolding your DNA Blueprint along with delving into the Mysteries and knowledge located inside of the Crystal Skulls? You are invited to join Robin Nicole on a new adventure. Starting in May 2022 and once a month around the Full Moon, Robin Nicole will be hosting a Lemurian/Pleiadian Starseed Circle. It will be held in a private online zoom room. Each month Robin will guide you into the Inner Earth Cities of Light, Channel a Special message from the Lemurian Star Mothers and then each member will break out into groups of three, where each person will begin running light infusion together, just as they did back in the times of Lemuria. There is no certification needed to be a member in this circle other than to come with an open mind and integrity. So, bring your favourite Lemurian seed Crystal or regular quartz’s crystal along with you each month as we delve into raising our vibration and frequency together. There is a small entrance fee to help cover the basic costs of hosting this circle. You can join this circle anytime you wish and the dates and times are located below.

*****Please note a pre-requisite for this circle is to attend an online recorded Master Class #4 which is all about Lemuria/Inner Earth and takes you through the procedure we will be using in this circle. After you attend the class you can come as regular as you wish to the circles by purchasing your entrance fee separate for each date. Your first circle is included in the price of this class. You will receive a zoom link along with Master Class #4 Recording, before the day of the next circle in your email.*****

Click on the scheduled dates below to purchase your entrance to the circle.