I Am Light Retreat – Emerald Isle Edition

I AM LIGHT Retreat – Emerald Isle Edition June 16th – 22nd, 2024

” Join us for a very special intimate Retreat nestled in the HEART of the GAIA GRID!”



Robin Nicole and Geraldine Broadley are proud to announce the I AM Light Retreat, Emerald Isle Edition is scheduled for June 16 -22, 2024. There is enough space for 8 people to gather in an intimate and powerful setting to help set the stage for deep introspection and spiritual growth.

The main objective of this retreat is to go within and spend time deepening your connection with your Spiritual Guidance Team and Connecting to the LIGHT from within. The Farm House is located in an area where the veil is very thin, The Crystalline Grid does not exist here, only the Gaia Grid is in place here. This is why we chose this place for the retreat, so that you can have a chance to experience for yourself the Magic of the Elemental Kingdom. The goal is to leave feeling inspired to go out and live your best possible life. Robin and Geraldine will spend the week “Holding Space”, connecting and guiding you to live your best possible life and to learn how to work closely with the land and your innate wisdom.

While at the retreat we will be staying in a rural, rustic traditional Irish farm house near Bantry County Cork, Ireland. The farm house is a 20 minute drive from Bantry town. An oasis of calm, the property is nestled on the slopes of the mountains with breathtaking views over the valley & Bantry Bay in the distance. It is here where we will spend our time connecting to the Gaia and our Spiritual Guidance Team, by taking time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. To rest, rejuvenate and connect to the LIGHT from within. You will have plenty of time to relax, meditate, ruminate and connect to your Heart-Space and the Innate part of you. Hagal Farm is surrounded by nature and the beautiful, wild landscape of West Cork, and the gardens reflect that too! There are lovely river and forest walks just down the road, with a river beach for swimming on sunny days.

We are planning 2 Day trips out to some local sacred sites. We will visit 2 powerful stone circles where Geraldine our In-House Shaman will guide us on how to approach the land and take us on a powerful shamanic journey through the stones.

Robin will take us to an Old Ancient Forest and help us connect to the Elemental Realms and the Ancient Ones, she will help to bring through Divine Creation Codes along with Sacred Geometry to submerse us with the assistance of the Eleven Ones and place us into a High Vibration Bubble. We will stop by a Holy Well and Gougane Barra Church.

We will spend time learning how to use sacred tools such as 7th Dimensional Light Infusion, Shamanic Journeying and how to connect deeply with your Spirit Guides throughout the week. Robin will be running a workshop on 7th Dimensional Light Infusion where we will run Light Infusion as a group. We will take time shaping and molding clay to create our own Shamanic Rattle. Geraldine will be teaching us all about Organite and helping you create your own Organite Device to take home with you. All that we offer during the week will help to inspire you to become the Starborne Architect and Future Human you came here to be. To help you “Hold more Light”, and to begin to create the Highest Best Possible Future Timeline, for ourselves and the collective.

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There are only 8 spaces available to attend this life changing retreat. Come join us as we transform and deepen our connection to the Light Within. To book your spot at this magical retreat click HERE.

If you wish to speak with us before booking to go over details, we would love to set up a video call through zoom or WhatApp to speak with you and answer any questions you might have. To set up this call click here and submit a contact us form.

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