7th Dimensional Light Infusion Healing & Activation Circle “Class”

7th Dimensional Light Infusion Healing & Activation Circle “Class”

Robin Nicole is hosting a monthly 7th Dimensional Light Infusion Healing & Activation Circle, where we will gather as a group in sacred space to run 7th Dimensional Light Infusion. When we come together as a group in a circle, we amplify the energy for all who attend. Light Infusion ran on a regular basis can benefit you in so many ways. You may experience a physical or emotional healing, an activation or DNA upgrade, a merging with higher frequency aspects, answers to issues you are dealing with in your life or be directed to solve a problem you are working through on a new project or endeavour.  You will always get exactly what you need each time as your Higher Self and the Divine direct the liquid light as it flows into your body and etheric field, while at the same time the others in the group will amplify the energy. Once a month around the time of the full moon, Robin Nicole will assist, by opening sacred space and purifying your Chakra System in order for you to take into your field the higher frequency needed to run light infusion. She will then connect you with the Cosmic Heart of the Universe and help you slide down into the Inner Earth City of Light. Here is where you will sit by a fire-pit for initiation with the Star-Mothers as they pass around the Original Crystal Skulls, which hold the Akashic Records of the Ancient Lemurian Ones. You are then taken to the Healing Pools to undergo a cleansing ritual before you step into your Inner Earth Healing Chamber to undergo Light Infusion. After you take in Light Infusion you will gather with your group as each person gives feedback as to what they saw, sensed or felt during your time in the Healing Chamber. This is a beautiful way to Heal and Activate your Body and Light-Body, just as they did in the times of Lemuria. When done regularly you begin to feel real change and begin to hold a Higher Frequency of Light in your body. New gifts unfold and you find it easier to do what you are passionate about, you then begin to shine your light out to the world as bright as you possibly can. To avail of these Healing and Activation circles, all you need to do is come to one of Robin’s Circle Classes. These classes go in-depth around how this modality came about, with information around the evolution of Lemuria , Healing Chambers, Crystal Gazing, Inner Earth and who the Star-Mothers are, along with getting a chance to experience 7th Dimensional Light Infusion for yourself. This will give you a chance to know what to expect when you come to a Circle and if you resonate with this Energy. Afterwards you will be invited to begin attending monthly Circles and be given a complimentary ticket to attend your first Circle. All you need to do is come to the complimentary online class through the zoom link provided below on the specified date and time as there are two available time slots available on each day. Click on the Scheduled date below to request your Circle Class zoom link, please specify in the email the date and time of the class you choose to attend. Robin Nicole looks forward to seeing you at the next class.

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