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My name is Robin Nicole otherwise known as the shine your light lady. I have been guided to create a series of 12 Masterclass’s called “Bringing Forward the New Golden Age of Miracles”. The first 6 classes are complete now and ready to be placed into my library of spiritual tools. Each class builds on each other with the goal to bring forward a more balanced Divine Feminine and Masculine into the New Golden Age of time. Each class comes with a special energetic procedure to go along with the class topic, along with a channelled message from an Ascended Master or Being from a higher plain of existence. I have been guided to place the first 6 classes into a bundle, so anyone who missed them can view at their leisure. Along with a special…if you purchase All 6 pre-recorded classes together you receive a 50% discount along with a complimentary ticket to attend your first LIVE Lemurian/Pleiadian Starseed Circle. For more detailed information and to purchase the 6 class bundle. Click on the link below.

*****Please note that it may take up to 24hours from purchase to receive an email with the recorded links. If you do not get them within 24hour please email Robin @ me@robinnicole.eu*****


Master Class 6 Bundle Offer
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